Our 2021 Performers

The 2021 lineup...


Kim Lowings & the Greenwood, Quicksilver, Hicks & Goulbourn,
Bram Taylor, Scarecrow, Paper Circus,Phoebe Rees, On the Fence,
Pauline Vallance, The Alicats, Davy Lees, Geoff Noble, Andy Castle,
Two Daves, Stonesthrow, Tom Perry & Clive Brooks



Winter Wilson, Hicks & Goulbourn, Dave Gibb, Bram Taylor,
The Lost Notes, The Shackleton Trio, Wendy Arrowsmith,
Phoebe Rees, Steve & Dee Marshall, Steve & Julie Wigley,
Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer, Two Daves, Davy Lees, The Alicats,
Tom Perry & Clive Brooks, On the Fence, Steven Clark, Dick Woodhouse,
John Hoare, Corinne & Barry Priest, The Laners, Scarecrow


Ceilidh (7.30pm) with Alterego



Anthony John Clarke, Anthony John Clarke Trio, Dave Gibb,
Winter Wilson, Wendy Arrowsmith, Alterego,
Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer, Steven Clark, Steve & Dee Marshall,
The Laners, Pauline Vallance, Steve & Julie Wigley, Paper Circus

MFFF 2014
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MFFF Saturday Night Ceilidh